Thanks for taking time out of your day to stop by and check out the site and what I’m up to. I will say upfront it is very much a work in progress at this stage, but what I hope comes across regardless of the degree of “done” is my desire to serve, to share, and to participate in the larger conversations going on and needed at this stage of Earth’s history.

The intent behind the website has been and still is to offer people perspectives…perspectives I think are interesting and give an idea of what I care about and what I am working on. This landing page will house my own perspectives as well as many others and will be updated accordingly as developments and dialogs worthy of discussion emerge.

My step-away from tending to this space (especially the blog) has given me the time to learn and understand topics in more nuanced ways, including of course my own psyche and ways of making meaning in the world. Ultimately I understand how little I knew and how much there is still to learn. I also see how deep learning and understanding—or wisdom—can only occur through interaction and participation in and with the world. This site is one aspect of my participation.

Other tabs include “Service Offerings”—advising/leadership coaching; a blog—updating soon (maybe); some background ie. “My Story” (LinkedIn if preferred); and a soon-to-be curated page listing resonate links, pages, peeps, and organizations that I follow and think you should too.

In addition to the above, my attention is highly invested in start-ups—helping people build things—with a particular interest in locally focused projects (anywhere in the world) and helping those leaders navigate the murkiness and stress of entrepreneurship. I speak more to this in My Story (towards the end).

Regarding the “what I care about” piece; I’ll say that most if not all of the activities and projects and conversations I resonate with are interconnected around one theme: what are conditions that foster an expansion of those capacities needed for us Holobionts to surf well the ever-shifting conditions on this Blue Marble; how do we support and strengthen those conditions within ourselves, for each other, and those ecosystems we exist within; and what can we do right now towards that end?

This essence guides my role as advisor and resource, and is a core element of my self-development and living life as practice approach.

I look forward to future conversations and wish you well on your journey.

Until then…