Service Offerings

The foundation of my work with people is rooted in 20+ years of non-traditional working environments—professional or volunteer settings that include work days of 20 hours, 7-days a week; high-stress, high-velocity, high-consequence environments; untenable work-personal life balance with the corresponding pressures of neglected commitments and obligations; and multi-cultural immersion with extensive international travel.

These non-traditional conditions gave me the necessary motivation (trying to stay relatively sane) to develop methods and practices to not only manage that intense stress, but to build my self-system’s tolerance for stress at a foundational level. What emerged over time was a practice-based approach where agility and resilience capacities expand, self-awareness and self-management skills develop, and one’s responsiveness and effectiveness become more intentional and refined.

So at essence the work is practice based and requires the participant to be earnest in developing new habits. With that, it can be really hard to do by oneself. Having an accountability partner and an avenue to process and think out loud can have an immense impact on maintaining focus and energy over the long-term. Ultimately the process helps establish an anchored self-center that allows for a more creative relationship with “what is”; regardless of context.

The work is designed to be in service to the journeyer, and is best suited for individuals on the precipice of change. The serendipitous nature of my career has led to working/connecting with a variety of people who differ greatly in cultural preferences, backgrounds, and contexts, yet they seem to embody these common traits/attitudes:

  • Self-driven and willing to put in the requisite work essential for a fuller understanding of themselves and others.
  • They are courageous in their efforts to look at and let go of belief systems that inhibit their ability to thrive.
  • They are at a juncture in their personal and professional lives where “what got them here won’t get them where they want to go” and desire fundamental shifts in how they relate to their experience.
  • They are serious AND sincere about this work. They are open to learning new principles and to changing lifestyle behaviors to fulfill that mission.
  • Typically these clients are in leadership positions or autonomous roles and require tools and practices to cultivate a new threshold of inner-resilience to manage the painful tensions that a complex, volatile, globally interconnected world elicits. Below are areas of interest, deep knowledge and experience:

Sports and Entertainment

I have seen first-hand the pressures that can surface in the sports and entertainment industries and the corresponding physical, mental, and emotional effects that influence one’s well-being, their relationships, and their performance. I work with clients to design practices that fit specifically to their special set of circumstances; ensuring one’s physiological, psychological, and emotional systems work optimally regardless of the life conditions they face.

Safety, Security, & Emergency Service Personnel

Formulated in “real world” settings during my 15-year Executive Protection career, I work with clients to identify the bio-psycho-social-cultural factors inherent with high stress / high demand / high velocity conditions and then we co-design and implement the corresponding practices and skills development to minimize or alleviate those pressures. This process enables individuals to recognize, and self-manage on-the-spot, the multiple tensions that can arise in any given context and provides real relief and understanding for those who must be on high alert over long durations.

Entrepreneurs & Founders

Starting a new enterprise is never easy. It requires courage, fortitude, skill, focus, sacrifice, and a bit of luck. I offer expertise and support to entrepreneurs and founders that assists in clarifying the essence of one’s vision, provides guidance on best next steps, and aids in managing the many tensions and stresses that arise throughout the process. With this in mind, I also provide access to a vast and diverse group of professionals within industries that include finance, organizational design, human resource, community development, social media, marketing, branding, psychology, adult education, workshop trainings, law enforcement, and safety & security.

Being in conversation with, and in, community

It’s my experience that no one can go-it alone and nothing works in isolation for very long. Being in community with others seems a critical component for our society to shift to the next step in its evolutionary journey. Through community—one that fosters conversation, support, ideation, and challenge—we can do amazing things together.

I have had the good fortune of meeting and being connected with many amazing individuals and organizations. I also have an insatiable appetite for learning and integrating seemingly unconnected perspectives and data points. These two aspects serve to support either as an advisor or as a key node for a community driven initiative. I encourage anyone to reach out to begin the conversation and see how we might partner together to build systems and capacities that allow all of life to thrive.

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